Each month, the John S. Francis Spotlight Award is awarded by members of the Gold Humanism Honor Society to an outstanding Medical Partnership student who works to make our community better. Created in honor of Associate Dean Dr. John S. Francis, this award recognizes the kindness, altruism, and love for our school demonstrated by each awardee. Students are nominated by their peers and faculty members through the Motivational Monday program and selected by a panel of GHHS members based on their accomplishments and impact on our community. The Spotlight Award was recently featured in this article, where members of the GHHS discuss the motivations behind creating this award.

Below is a list of all Spotlight Awardees and semi-finalists.

February 2021

Spotlight Award:
Alexis Perlman

Spotlight Semifinalists:
Donya Jackson-Cowan
Chris Cuneo
Alex Sweeting

January 2021

Spotlight Award:
Quinn Peragine

Spotlight Semifinalists:
Sophia Sakers
Rajashri Manjunath

November 2020

Spotlight Award:
Diane Park

Spotlight Semifinalists:
Artie McCarty
Danny On

October 2020

Spotlight Award:
Tony Huynh

Spotlight Semifinalists:
Annelise Bonvillain
Sarah Ellen Williams